Fishing, Boating, Birding

There are big fish out the door at Harriman Springs Resort and Marina, Rocky Point, Or 97601

World Class Fishing

Harriman Springs Resort & Marina is a launching pad to tackle Upper Klamath and Agency Lake’s renowned Redband and Rainbow trout. The lakes also have large populations of yellow perch. Summertime fishing finds many anglers in Pelican Bay, a finger jutting off the northwest end of the main lake minutes away from Harriman Springs Resort & Marina. This bay is fed by several smaller tributaries and springs coming off the Cascade Mountains and the Winema National Forest, so it stays cooler and clearer in hot weather.

The best fishing here begins in mid-June and holds up through summer. Within a drive or boat ride are Williamson, Sprague and Wood Rivers. Close by are Four Mile Lake and Lake of the Woods.  Nearby creeks are abundant including Recreation, Crystal, Four Mile, Cherry, and Nannie Creek.

Bald Eagles near Harriman’s Restaurant and Bar at Harriman Springs Resort and Marina in Rocky Point, OR 97601.  Crater lake National Park is 41 miles away and world class fishing is minutes away from Harriman’s modern and well maintained docks. Photo by Dave Menke.

Birding Paradise

Harriman Springs is part the heart of the Pacific Flyway. Upper Klamath Basin is an important stopover for the Pacific Flyway. Six national wildlife refuges, including the Upper Klamath National Wildlife Refuge that borders Harriman Springs, three wildlife areas  and thousands of acres of private farmlands converge to provide habitat for a wide variety of waterfowl, shorebirds, songbirds, raptors, big game, small mammals and aquatic life.

At least 489 species of wildlife visit or live in this diverse wonderland. Upwards of 500 bald eagles migrate to the area November through April. Rocky Point has several mating eagle pairs that live here year round. Millions of birds stop here throughout the year to feed, rest and raise their young.

Canoe leaves harriman Springs Resort and Marina, Rocky Point, OR 97601

 A Boating World Getaway

Harriman Springs – a magical place in a magical water world.  As the sun goes down the stars come out and the Milky Way will dance across the sky until first light returns and many are ready to go fishing.

If you need a boat, Harriman Springs Resort and Marina has you covered: 21′ pontoon boats, Craft 16′ fishing boats, Lowe’s 14′fishing boats, 16′ row boats, and canoes. Well-maintained docks, public boat launch, restaurant and bar all contribute to good times at Harriman Springs Resort & Marina.

The creeks and bays of Upper Klamath National Wildlife Refuge await.  Pelican Bay is a short canoe trip on Harriman Creek. Take a left at the bay and the canoe trails of Upper Klamath National Wildlife Refuge are mere paddles away. Become one with nature. All that you can see and hear is yours.